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Increase the console font size in Linux

We have looked at how to increase the font size in GNOME. This can provide bigger fonts when using GUI applications but sometimes it may be necessary to type commands at a command line prompt in the console (without being in a graphical interface like GNOME or KDE). By default, the console font is quite small which could make reading text difficult or impossible. The default console font can be changed in just a few steps:

  1. Install console-setup if it is not already installed.
For distributions based on the yum package manager:
sudo yum install console-setup
For Linux distributions based on apt-get
sudo apt-get install console-setup
  1. Use a text editor (e.g., vim) to edit the console-setup file:
    sudo vim /etc/default/console-setup
  2. Modify the FONTFACE and FONTSIZE settings as follows:
Click to enlarge.
  1. Commit the changes with the setupcon utility from the command line:
    sudo setupcon

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