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Increase the size of the mouse pointer in GNOME

This post describes how to adjust the size of the mouse arrow/cursor in the GNOME desktop for Linux-based systems.

On screens with high reolutions, the arrow representing the mouse pointer (and the cursor when in a text window) can be quite small. The size of the arrow/cursor used in the GNOME desktop can be increased in two different ways:

  1. dconf-editor is a settings tool with a graphical user interface.
    1. Install dconf-editor if it is not already installed.
    2. Either run dconf-editor from the command-line in a terminal window or press ALT-F2 and then type dconf-editor followed by ENTER.
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  1. Select org from the menu on the left to open more options. Then click gnome->desktop->interface. There will be a menu on the right with various settings. Double-click on Cursor size and set it to a larger number.
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  1. gsettings is a command-line tool that can be run from a terminal or from the console.
You can use the gsettings command to set the Cursor size. The following command sets the Cursor size to 48:
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface cursor-size 48

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