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Magnify the screen in GNOME

This post describes how to magnify the screen in GNOME using gnome-shell.

Making all text easy to read is an ongoing struggle with applications that use small fonts. We saw how to increase the font sizes in GNOME but this can cause usability problems for applications that use fixed layouts. We can reduce the screen resolution but this often causes even worse usability problems as more and more applications require high resolutions in order to function properly.

As another option, it is possible to zoom the screen so that the window being viewed is just a portion of the entire screen. When in zoom mode, the mouse can be used to pan around the entire screen. This enlarges everything in view (including menus and icons) without changing any of the layout.

To enter zoom mode in GNOME, press SUPER+ALT+8. Press this again to leave zoom mode and restore the screen to its original size. When in zoom mode, increase the zoom factor by pressing SUPER+ALT+PLUS and decrease the zoom factor by pressing SUPER+ALT+MINUS.

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